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Hi welcome to our blog. Davinder and I are married and love all things textiles.We have a passion for pattern and have decided not to only make our products but share a bit about the things we love. We hope you get inspired and please leave comments we love to hear from you. Enjoy!! Davinder and Caroline

Thursday, 14 April 2011


When We were exhibiting at country Living spring fair, I tried my hardest to look around other stalls without my purse, since temptation was so great and there is so much to see.
I did however have a little spend at the stall of Laura Long her work is so nice she knits these amazing little dolls dresses them and displays them in box frames they are just adorable.
So whilst visiting her stand I discovered she had created these dolls into really beautiful kits for girls to dress up.
I bought one for my Naomi but secretly I'm excited to get making with her, bring on the Easter holidays !!!

Check out her website http://www.lauralong.co.uk/index.htm
I love this little Red Riding hood character so cute.

I bought this book and its lovely
seeing these dolls made me think about all the other cute dolls Naomi has round her room some made by me some by my Gran and some made from a little help from me along with other lovely dolls she has.

I made this rag doll for Naomi one christmas, she has a pretty cotton dress and a white cotton and lace pinafore, with pin tucks on the edge it was a pleasure to make and sits nicely on her bed.

I Found this Doll kit at My Mums house she made me one or two of these kits from clothkits when I was young but this was one that got away. I made it up for Naomi and it really is easy to do and looks delightful on her bed.
To My suprise I discovered you can still buy this kit from the company which was revived a few years back and its sold as a original but it still makes me happy to know mine is a true original.
Check out all the kits and fabric they do. http://www.clothkits.co.uk/index.php

 I just had to include this doll in my list as it was made by my Gran who is no longer with us, my Gran was a keen knitter and fund raiser for her local church and made so many of these cute cinderella dolls along with many other characters. Its lovely to know that there are many dolls like this that she made I will treasure this one.
So you get the idea you turn the doll round and she becomes poor cinderella who can't go to the ball, then she transforms into cinderella in her beautiful dress. so much fun !!! 

Thank You Gran. xx

Ok So I can include a couple of bought dolls these are both from America from the most amazing girls dream shop. Davinder my husband bought me the first one they are characters from history and they come with a story book . this one is Nellie and she came to America from Ireland, I was so taken by them since they cover history as well as being a beautiful doll to play with girls in America love them, and I think they are a healthy change from all the horrible dolls that are out there.
My Dads Cousins who live in Illinois sent us the baby doll from the same place for Naomi when she was born and as you can imagine I was so thrilled to receive it. it also looked like her.
If you ever visit New York you really must visit this shop it really is a girls dream.

Check out the website if your a doll fan http://www.americangirl.com/index.php

this was a kit from Monsoon we had loads of fun making it on Naomi's toy sewing machine
we did add a few extra bits and Mummy did need to help quite a bit.

 Naomi has this cushion in her bedroom I made it out of a mixture of vintage and new fabrics it was a really fun project to put together and you can just anything you like.
 Love this Russion Doll as do my children and any other children that visit this one is meant to tell a story with the different pictures across the front each hand painted.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

country Living Spring Fair

Well we had a great time at the country Living Spring fair and met so many nice people.
We want to thank everyone that stopped by our stand and chatted with us and showed interest, your enthusiasm was great and really encouraged us, being that it was our very first time at country Living.
We hope all of you that purchased from us will enjoy the products for years to come especially those that bought my embroidered keep sake pieces.
Our area was also full of lovely neighbours which made the whole event much more fun so thank you to all of you exhibitors both seasoned and new, you made Davinder and I feel most welcome.

Here are some links to our lovely neighbours who were at the country Living Fair..............


Check out all these lovely people there work and products were great.