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Hi welcome to our blog. Davinder and I are married and love all things textiles.We have a passion for pattern and have decided not to only make our products but share a bit about the things we love. We hope you get inspired and please leave comments we love to hear from you. Enjoy!! Davinder and Caroline

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Embroidered Baby Muslin Squares

So What do you do when your one week overdue with baby and you need to busy yourself?

Well I decided to decorate my muslin squares with buttons and stitching!! and now no-one will
get theirs mixed up with mine at all those mother and baby groups. Experience has taught me 
that this happens a lot but with a little decoration I will know which are mine.

Pick out a lovely selection of buttons vintage and new

And get stitching, some simple with just a few buttons and some more involved with
Applique and embroidery or a detailed picture.

I have had so much pleasure stitching these and my bump was very helpful 
to rest my work on !!!

As you can tell I'm having a boy so the list is endless
You can stitch boats, cars, houses, hearts all in lovely 
shades of blue, red and green.

Stitched Little Boat

Clusters of buttons, blanket stitched heart.

Can't wait to meet my Little Star...

Hurry up little baby, Mummy and Daddy and your big Sister and Brother
are very ready to meet you......

This is what clever Grandma arrived with a beautiful little hand knit jacket.
Can't wait to put him in it.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Happy Bunting !!!

So Naomi and I decided to make some pretty bunting we just cut out a simple triangle and Naomi had free reign to pick out what ever fabrics she liked from my stash.

We Cut Triangles then stitched and turned them out then pressed.

The fabrics look so nice all together

Then I stitched them all onto bias binding tape

And there you have it pretty bunting !!!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Time for making sock friends....

Its that time of year when you may be sorting out your kids old socks and tights well don't throw them away put them to good use on these rainy autumn days and get crafting with your kids.
making puppets or sock friends, they will love it..

All you need is....
googly eyes
polyester toy stuffing
needle and thread 

I helped Naomi and Caleb to stitch up their little sock friends and they loved using the stuffing to fill up the socks. They picked out buttons and trims to give them cute faces and stuck them on with glue.
here are the fantastic results....

I just Love my kids they are so cute!!!

Have fun making your sock friends and tweet me your pics...

Naomi Makes Yummy Cheese Scones

This is my little girl Naomi and she's going to show you how to make the best cheese scones..
You Will need...

225g Self raising flour
a little pinch of salt
50g of unsalted Butter
70g of your favourite cheese grated
( we choose Double Gloucester and sometimes crumbly feta with a few chives added in!!)
120ml of semi-skim milk

pop your oven on 220c, 200 for a fan oven.
425F or Gas mark 7.

1. Mix up the flour salt and cubed butter we have a handy pastry tool to do this 
and it keeps the mixture cool as you work it in to resemble bread crumbs.

2. Add your grated cheese mix in with a blunt knife, then add your milk a little bit 
at a time so the mixture does not get all soggy if it does just add more flour!!!

3. Now you can handle your dough. Pat it out on a floured surface about 2.5cm thick.

4. Take your round cutter and cut small scones and place on a floured tray.
we like to keep them small and almost bite size, they look much nicer that way!!

5. Once they are all done glaze them with milk or beaten egg
and pop them in the oven for about 15mins.

and there you have it the most yummy cheese scones.

Of course you have to eat them straight away and give them a good spread of butter!!

and now for the taste test !!
one very happy little cook!!

and thats how Naomi makes Cheese scones
What a clever girl!!

suffolk puffs cushion

Well I have been hiding away a little getting ready for our lovely third baby, and blogging has gone a little to the side!!
Well just thought I would post a quick pick of my latest creation and will be back soon with some more blogging hopefully tommorow.

I Have a lot to share with you....... so watch this space...

Finally finished this little project that had been sitting in a bag for weeks!!

And this is the other project that is taking my time up!!!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Beautiful Garden Centre

When visiting my Family in the lovely Eden Valley, just on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria a few weeks back, I took Naomi and Caleb to the most beautiful Garden centre, Larch Cottage Nurseries. I remember visiting this place when I was younger with my Mum and have enjoyed many a coffee there, but this time it seemed even more beautiful and the owners have installed many unusual features and creative sculptures and building work.

If You are visiting the Penrith area and your a garden lover you must pay a visit to this place, it is so tranquil and creative it will encourage the most infrequent of gardeners to get there hands dirty and get out there in the sunshine.

Just take a look at my pictures and you'll know what I'm talking about this place is truly amazing....

Read more about them at their website......  http://www.larchcottage.co.uk/

All the little paths and archways are so much fun to explore
Once you have selected your plants from a really unusual range you can go and enjoy a coffee in the Cafe and sit on the balcony and enjoy watching the birds fly over and the sun shine.

Cafe is lovely and the cakes are delicious.

There is a lot to discover here your children will love it.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sewing workshop

This past Saturday I ran a sewing workshop for the lovely girls at "The sewing Cafe" in Hinckley, Becky and Fay set it up a couple of months back and have created a wonderful little sewing hide away with many exciting workshops and selling beautiful fabrics and great patterns.
Check out their website and all that they are doing http://www.thesewingcafe.co.uk/

I ran a class to create appliqued letters using the machine then hand embroidery to use on a cushion.
I Think the ladies who took the class really enjoyed it and felt like they gained confidence on the sewing machine, plus they got to have a relaxing afternoon making something beautiful.

If Your interested in taking a class contact the girls at the sewing Cafe its a lovely environment to learn.

And there is plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits in supply to keep you going!!!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Making a fun tree with the kids.

 Today was a wet Monday afternoon so I decided to get the paints out and create a fabulous tree on the kitchen wall.
I set out to draw a tree on brown package paper, we tacked it to the wall and I drew some brown lines on the paper to make it tree like.
we got the paints out and cut out small birds to decorate. Take a look at how we got on we had so much fun.

 Painted birds using lots of fun bright card
Naomi drawing the lines on leaves with felt pens

adding the leaves to the tree

Caleb adding his bird

Naomi working hard to add butterflies and ladybirds.

we added flower stickers and ladybirds.

cute little birdy

Naomi and Caleb could not wait for Daddy to come home and see what we had created.