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Hi welcome to our blog. Davinder and I are married and love all things textiles.We have a passion for pattern and have decided not to only make our products but share a bit about the things we love. We hope you get inspired and please leave comments we love to hear from you. Enjoy!! Davinder and Caroline

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Baking bread sticks with kids

Just got this lovely book after watching the series with Lorraine Pascale on BBC 2. I loved the way she approached baking in the show and she made everything seem so easy and appealing to do.
http://www.lorrainepascale.com/  check out her blog and website.

This is her amazing book I  really recommend it there are fun recipes to do with children.
Also the book has a lot of healthy options as well some rather indulgent ones too.

kids love kneading the dough

Its fun to roll out the bread sticks

They tasted yummy !

making a fun jean bag

Naomi recently had some homework to do she had to make a bag, and make a list of 3 favourite things she would put in it.
So of course me being me I could not do a half hearted job of this, we had to make this fun, so we set to making a bag from some old jeans, here's how we got on.
If you have a sewing Machine this is really easy to do as long as you keep your child well away from the sewing machine !!!
Cut up an old pair of jeans
then you have your basic bag shape

then your bag is ready to decorate

add some trim or stitch up the base of the bag

cut out felt shapes and decorate with beads
and gems using pva glue.

I got naomi to write her name and covered it
in pvc then stitched it to the bag.
Add some bead trim using your sewing machine

Add all the felt decorations you have made
we also added this flower

We threaded beads and added lots of ribbons.

Naomi just loves her bag.

More cakes

Just thought since I've been on the subject of cake I would share with you what I did for my little girls birthday.
She wanted a Butterfly fairy party so I set to make her a sparkly cake with amazing edible glitter bought from a professional cake shop in Leicester.

I also picked up these amazing cup cake decorations from monsoon, they made the cup cakes that the party girls took home look amazing, and they were so much fun to make, I wrapped them all in cello bags and added a little tag to say thankyou for coming. They looked amazing and were so easy to do.
You get 24 in the pack and they cost around £8
so worth it !!!!

You just place the fairies into your cup cake icing

I also had some edible stars that you can just
see on the butter icing in this picture.

All ready to go !!!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Birthday cake for my Mum

You may be suprised to know I have never made a cake like this before but with a bit of help from a lovely flower shape cutter and some shop bought sugar craft flowers and ready to roll Royal Icing I was away. I got so much pleasure out of making it especially the anticipation of seeing my Mum's face when she found out I had actually made it.
I have made plenty of regular cakes before and the sponge has been ok sometimes great sometimes a little dry/ over cooked but this cake was special it had to be right for my Mum and it turned out to be probably the best most moist yummy cake I have ever achieved !!
So don't go to the supermarket and buy those ready made cakes have a go doing it yourself you will have so much fun and give far more pleasure to all who eat it.

Caleb's room

A While ago I got creative in Caleb's room and here are the results.......

gift for my parents

Thought you might be interested to see a recent gift I made for my parents who celebrated 40 years of marriage, this is a piece I worked on using vintage fabric and an old cotton embroidered tray cloth, I used a beautiful lace circle I picked up in an old antiques shop in Normandy. I then got the peice framed for them.

I used the hymn "Love Divine" as the they had it at their ceremony all those years ago.

My Poppet petite designs

For those of you who don't know who we are, check out our website mypoppetpetite.com you can see all our latest products and links to our online shop http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/mypoppetpetite
The purpose of this blog is to inform you about all the fun stuff we are getting up to as a business and as a family.
We are one creative family and love hanging out with our children Naomi and Caleb who both in their own amazing way are inheriting Mummy and Daddy's creative genes and its no wonder since they are surrounded by a wealth of creative books, craft supplies, buttons, beads and trims.
I made Naomi a craft box one christmas and it really was the best present ever, she played with it everyday and still loves using it although it does need a re-fill !!! next time I do, I'll take some pictures so you can see how fun it is and its a great cheap present idea.

Anyway here are some of the latest designs we have been working on and will be selling and the country living spring fair.

Davinder designed the prints
    I designed the appliques

Notice the vintage ladybird books
we're always on the lookout for those
for our kids !!

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hi everyone we are getting ready for the Countryliving Fair in March at the Islington Design Centre. Pop by and say hi.
We are busy with getting our new aprons/ teatowels and mugs. The samples look great. We will be updating you on our progress. Its go go go!!!!!!!