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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

making a fun jean bag

Naomi recently had some homework to do she had to make a bag, and make a list of 3 favourite things she would put in it.
So of course me being me I could not do a half hearted job of this, we had to make this fun, so we set to making a bag from some old jeans, here's how we got on.
If you have a sewing Machine this is really easy to do as long as you keep your child well away from the sewing machine !!!
Cut up an old pair of jeans
then you have your basic bag shape

then your bag is ready to decorate

add some trim or stitch up the base of the bag

cut out felt shapes and decorate with beads
and gems using pva glue.

I got naomi to write her name and covered it
in pvc then stitched it to the bag.
Add some bead trim using your sewing machine

Add all the felt decorations you have made
we also added this flower

We threaded beads and added lots of ribbons.

Naomi just loves her bag.


  1. What were her 3 things to put in her fabulous new bag?

  2. Thanks for your comments, I think her 3 things were Barbie, books and colouring, no surprises there !!