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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Birthday cake for my Mum

You may be suprised to know I have never made a cake like this before but with a bit of help from a lovely flower shape cutter and some shop bought sugar craft flowers and ready to roll Royal Icing I was away. I got so much pleasure out of making it especially the anticipation of seeing my Mum's face when she found out I had actually made it.
I have made plenty of regular cakes before and the sponge has been ok sometimes great sometimes a little dry/ over cooked but this cake was special it had to be right for my Mum and it turned out to be probably the best most moist yummy cake I have ever achieved !!
So don't go to the supermarket and buy those ready made cakes have a go doing it yourself you will have so much fun and give far more pleasure to all who eat it.

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