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Hi welcome to our blog. Davinder and I are married and love all things textiles.We have a passion for pattern and have decided not to only make our products but share a bit about the things we love. We hope you get inspired and please leave comments we love to hear from you. Enjoy!! Davinder and Caroline

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Making a fun tree with the kids.

 Today was a wet Monday afternoon so I decided to get the paints out and create a fabulous tree on the kitchen wall.
I set out to draw a tree on brown package paper, we tacked it to the wall and I drew some brown lines on the paper to make it tree like.
we got the paints out and cut out small birds to decorate. Take a look at how we got on we had so much fun.

 Painted birds using lots of fun bright card
Naomi drawing the lines on leaves with felt pens

adding the leaves to the tree

Caleb adding his bird

Naomi working hard to add butterflies and ladybirds.

we added flower stickers and ladybirds.

cute little birdy

Naomi and Caleb could not wait for Daddy to come home and see what we had created.


  1. I LOVE this. Can I steal this idea? my kids will love it.

  2. This is gorgeous Caroline, we'll have to steal some crafty tips from you for mumstop!!!

  3. Thanks for your comments its all there to inspire you !!
    Happy crafting!!!