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Hi welcome to our blog. Davinder and I are married and love all things textiles.We have a passion for pattern and have decided not to only make our products but share a bit about the things we love. We hope you get inspired and please leave comments we love to hear from you. Enjoy!! Davinder and Caroline

Monday, 4 July 2011

Traditional English Patchwork

 Picked up one of my old on going projects, I started this so long ago but its one of those things you can dip in and out of, take away with you, or just work at it in front of a good movie.
The thing with this kind of patchwork is you can't use a sewing machine you have to work by hand but as it begins to grow you get a great sense of achievement as it comes together.

Thought you would enjoy looking at these lovely colours I've put together, not sure what its going to be I'm just going to keep going till I feel like finishing.

Love seeing all my pieces stacked up like this

You can use any fabric try using up old and new, I've even used some of Naomi's old dresses.

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